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Sunday Special #23 – The War of Fangs

Every Sunday I run a Special relating to my writing endeavours and the world of Aeyuu, which is the stage for many stories developed further through the Tales from Aeyuu Patreon. These Blogs are closely tied with my novel-to-be, The Age of Silence, which is basically a story about LoveSacrifice, and Death.

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Today, we explore an important event in the history of mankind: the bloody war that opposed Vampires and Wyr.

The War of Fangs

How and when this War truly started is a fact historians still disagree on, but one thing is for certain: it is one of the bloodiest wars Humanity has ever known, as it originated on its own lands and suddenly opposed creatures that had long lived hidden among them. This war, which officially started several centuries ago and ended about a couple of centuries later, became known as the War of Fangs.

Another aspect of this war, which historians do globally agree on however, is that the Vampires started it - for reasons incomprehensible to most Humans. What drove the Vampires to come out of hiding? What made them attack on sight those people whom they saw for the Wyr they truly were? According to rumours garnered in taverns and seedy brothels, Vampires sought what the ambitious can only understand: more power. And they may have found it in the blood of the Wyr.

History reported cases of monstrous beings, abominations that seemed born to man and beast at once and only demonstrated proficiency in the killing of anything and anyone crossing their path. Rumour, and some of the Wyr themselves, explain away these beasts as mutated Vampires who drank too long and deep of the Wyr blood. Mutations imprinted upon a Vampire's essence, that eventually led to madness and death. It is believed none of these rumoured abominations remain to this day - if ever they existed. Humans, who only live about 40 years of age, may only rely on history as it is passed down to their generation, or on the stories told to them by the long-lasting. And few Humans nowadays believe in more than the existence of Vampires, as all non-Humans have been banished from the Sommerdiev Empire, and Wyr know well how to keep themselves hidden in plain sight.

But this war rang in a new era for the Humans. Caught in a bloodbath between forces no Human could withstand, they began to figure out ways to try and keep themselves safe. Toxins, weapons, traps - Humans developed a certain ingenuity that they'd lost after the distant Elshir stopped invading their lands. What they lacked in strength they made up with weapons like guns and hollowed-out blades filled with poison. In time, Vampires realized they were fighting a losing war, and returned back to the darkness from whence they'd come.

This rang in a new era for the Wyr as well, who started proliferating among Humans.

* * *

And that is all for this week. Next week I'll start talking about the Wyr, who are essentially werewolves - but not only! ;)

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next Sunday Special, same Blogger channel :D

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